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Parts Address
22 Brunel Way,
PO15 5SD

Parts telephone
0845 602 6019

02392 322922

Hendy Power Units 9 – 10
Swanwick Marina
SO31 1ZL

Hendy Marine Units 7 - 8
Swanwick Marina
SO31 1ZL

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Mon - Fri
08:30 - 18:00

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Privacy Policy

The Hendy Group Ltd will not use any information on this website for any purpose other than individual customer care, mailing of product information or special offers. For these purposes, the information may be stored, processed and if required passed to other companies of Hendy Group Ltd. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence and in accordance with legal provisions of data protection.

Denfield Advertising & Marketing Ltd will act as 'Data Processors' to analyse and fulfil the customer data on behalf of the client, with servers holding the data located in the UK. From time to time, customer data will be analysed by Denfield as part of customer profiling and segmentation exercises. Customers can opt out of this if they wish.

Hendy Group Ltd's data is shared with Denfield data processors via a secure channel, which requires unique passwords. Denfield will not share the data with any third parties other than their approved suppliers that fulfil the marketing communication on behalf of the Hendy Group Ltd.