Earlier this year, legendary powerboat racing champion Fabio Buzzi recorded the fastest speed on water using a diesel engine, reaching an incredible 277.5 km/h.

Buzzi shattered his own record which had stood for over 20 years, on a “three-point” boat powered by an engine from FPT Industrial, with a hull engineered by FB Design. The record was achieved on 7th March on Lake Como in Italy, and was certified by Guinness World Records, who use sophisticated measuring systems that guarantee accuracy to the thousandth of a second.

FPT Industrial and FB Design collaborated to create the unique three-point vessel. The Cursor 16 engine was specially developed for the occasion, having previously been used only in agriculture, such as combine harvesters. This development has resulted in new marine concepts, including a new innovative cooling system.

This success is another milestone in FPT Industrial and FB Design’s 35 yearlong partnership. The companies have won 32 titles, including 15 world championships, and have achieved more than 100 victories. Following the triumph of the three-point boat, the companies are committed to innovation in the world of powerboat racing going forward.

Huge congratulations to the FPT Industrial and FB Design teams, and of course, Fabio Buzzi!