Genuine Parts

Genuine Parts

Find certified, genuine parts for your industrial and marine engines at Hendy Power.

Our parts are built to FPT exact specification, ensuring high quality and exceptional performance. Parts are built to last, with stronger durability and compatibility with a range of engines, while the FPT procedures and materials guarantee simple and reliable operation of your engine.

Designed to perfectly fit your engine

Genuine FPT parts maintain the same standard of engine that it will have left the manufacturer with. Using certified compatible parts retains your engine’s value, or allows you to upgrade your engine to assure it’s consistent with your modern engine needs.

Highly qualified technicians

The highly qualified technicians at Hendy Power are ready to assist you with all fitting needs. Ensure complete efficiency of your engine by using trained and trusted technicians to fit the quality FPT parts.

A focus on sustainability

Reduce fuel consumption and emissions values with FPT parts that are committed to maximising efficiency, performance and the engine’s life, while simultaneously focusing on sustainability and eco-consciousness.

What are the benefits?

Original FPT design

FPT-engineered for highest quality

Excellent performance

Parts that meet all FPT technical specifications

12-month warranty coverage.

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