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Enjoy the freedom of the open seas with our pleasure marine engine range at Hendy Power. Our powertrains offer reliability, efficiency and, of course, pure enjoyment for the end user!

We’re delighted to introduce the FPT Industrial range. Priding themselves on creating a ‘wave of innovation’, FPT Industrial have applied their engineering prowess in the commercial boating sphere to leisure vessels, including powerboats, sailboats and yachts. Their engines are characterised by their lightweight design, with low volume/power and weight-to-power ratios, for easier installation and superior performance.

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Our marine engine line-up includes the F1 series, suitable for light-planing or semiplaning boats up to 8 metres, the NEF series, which is the perfect solution for yachts and cruisers up to 12 metres, and the CURSOR series, for yachts of up to 18 metres. The tide is turning on emissions, and FPT Industrial have cut down their exhaust gas emissions, lowering environmental impact and complying with the most stringent legislation.

Discover the NEF and CURSOR engine ranges below and contact Hendy Power to find out more.

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