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Here at Hendy Power, we know you need power – and quickly. That’s why we stock a range of power generation systems from European market leader FPT Industrial, to ensure you have reliable energy when you need it.

FPT Industrial’s range of state-of-the-art engines covers an array of power generation applications for man-made structures, from housing to factories. In these cases, power generation can’t always come from external sources, particularly when there are strenuous conditions. Locally generated energy therefore offers a reliable supply, swift availability and considerable savings.

Our dependable power generation systems improve efficiency and boost business performance – in workplaces such as construction and shipyards, on-shore and off-shore oil or gas platforms, banks, hospitals, shopping centres, and also for domestic use.

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Take the new S8000 G-Drive, for example. It delivers four-cylinder performance with the compactness and lightness of a three-cylinder engine. There are also engines from FPT Industrial’s acclaimed NEF, CURSOR and F5 ranges – the latter is suited to the most demanding missions, including with high engine inclination or in temperatures as low as -25°C.

Discover our power-generation G-Drive engines below and contact the Hendy Power team to find out more.

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