Light Commercial Vehicle Engines

Light Commercial Vehicle Engines

Light commercial vehicles are the beating heart of your business, so you want the confidence that your van has the very best engine working behind the scenes to keep you on the move. At Hendy Power, we offer a range of FPT Industrial certified engines, which are suitable for a range of LCVs, such as vans and utility vehicles.

FPT Industrial is a European market leader with 35 years’ experience in LCVs.

The F1 engine series (including the F1A, F1C and F1C NG) offers power ratings from 116-210hp, and features high durability, load response and versatility. With 300,000 units produced per year, F1 engines deliver optimum efficiency and minimum oil and fuel consumption, together with reliable performance. They are available for both LD and HD homologation, transversal and longitudinal installation in diesel, and CNG/LNG and hybrid versions*.

FPT Industrial engines comply with increasingly stricter emission regulations

The F1 series meets Euro VI Step E/Euro 6d Final certification by 2021. Add to that the long oil-change intervals (up to 50km) and starting temperatures as low as -25°C (with glow plugs), and our LCV engines are truly ready for anything!

Discover the F1 engine range below and contact Hendy Power to find out more.

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