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From travelling to work to visiting loved ones, buses are a vital source of mobility for millions of people across the UK. With increasing emphasis on vehicle emissions and clean-air zones, it’s important to choose a bus engine that offers reliable, efficient and safe performance.

At Hendy Power, we’re proud to offer a range of FPT Industrial certified engines, which are suitable for city/intercity buses and coaches, as well as defence and emergency vehicles. The NEF and CURSOR engine series showcases FPT Industrial’s technological excellence and research-driven innovation – offering reliable and robust performance for your bus or coach.

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The CURSOR series makes its mark with superb performance and extremely low fuel consumption. The CURSOR 13 CNG/LNG is the most powerful and quiet 100% natural- gas engine on the market – it even powers the IVECO S-WAY NP 460 in LNG, the ‘Sustainable Truck of the Year 2021’. Both the NEF and CURSOR ranges are compliant with Euro VI step E standards.

Discover the NEF and CURSOR engine ranges below and contact Hendy Power to find out more.

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