Off-Road Agricultural Engines

Agricultural Engines

Anyone who uses agricultural vehicles knows that reliability is key – after all, many farm activities happen during a precise time window. At Hendy Power, we offer a range of FPT Industrial certified engines, which are tailored to an array of agricultural applications, including tractors and harvesting machines*.

FPT Industrial are at the forefront of technological excellence, including meeting the challenge of growing engine performance within existing layout constraints. Their engines also liberate resources by reducing costs and providing simpler maintenance.

Agricultural activities are varied and sometimes very complex, which is why being supported by a reliable, robust and efficient engine is vital to success. Our engine line-up includes the F5 range, with outstanding torque density, the NEF series, with more than 1.7 million engines sold since 2001, the CURSOR family, which responds to the most demanding heavy-duty needs, and the V series, which boasts cast-iron components for unfailing performance in all conditions.

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What’s more, FPT Industrial engines respect the environment while maintaining productivity. They were the first to introduce an SCR-only solution on diesel engines for agri-applications, and have recently introduced natural gas versions for even more sustainable farming.

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