Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels

Natural gas (NG) is the most eco-friendly fuel for internal combustion engines, and is currently the most viable and low-cost solution for sustainable power. At Hendy Power, we offer a range of natural-gas engines from FPT Industrial, which boast the broadest natural gas engine range on the market – not to mention, 20 years’ experience in NG technology.

They offer solutions from 136 to 460hp for the equipment of light, medium and heavy vehicles. Their NG engines are diesel-based, and can deliver same torque output, as well as improving local air quality, significantly reducing CO2 emissions, and lowering engine noise. Their engines can be powered by natural gas in its compressed (CNG), liquefied (LNG), or renewable form (bio- methane) – the latter boasting up to 100% lower CO2 emissions than diesel. *

*Distributors need to primary refer to available products/dedicated pricelist (e.g. check power rates reference, non-availability of V20, NG, hybrid applications).

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