Dando Drilling Sonic Drill

Market Sector: Industrial
Machine/Vessel: Sonic Drill
Application: Sonic Drilling Water Holes
Featured Product(s): FPT Industrial CURSOR 9 engine complete with FPT Industrial controls

Owner/Operator: Dando Drilling
Builder/OEM: Dando Drilling
Designer: Simon Hartley
Engine: FPT Industrial CURSOR 9
Engine monitoring: MYFPT remote engine monitoring app
Controls: Analogue control display
Power Range: 200 – 308 kW
Stage: Stave III A & V
Pump Drive: Twin Disc AM450
Maintenance Hours: 600-hours oil service interval

Project Overview:

“The Sonic Drill is designed and manufactured by Dando Drilling International specifically for applications such as mineral sampling, environmental exploration, water well drilling, and geotechnical sampling.

The application in question is destined for Chile where it will support local communities by drilling water wells and geotechnical sampling.

With an emission requirement and the need for a reliable and robust power solution, our applications team worked closely with Dando Drilling International design engineers to specify a solution that could stand up to the tough requirements of the sonic drill.

The FPT Industrial CURSOR 9 engine is available in Tier III A to Stage V configuration with power ranges from 200kW to 308kW. Industry-leading hours between planned maintenance servicing provide reduced costs and downtime for the customer. The engine was supplied as a plug-and-play solution with an integrated power unit.

With the CURSOR 9 engine from FPT Industrial, we were able to provide a bespoke solution suitable for the customer’s individual application needs.

“At Dando Drilling International the priorities for our machine designs are performance and reliability, and to achieve this, simplicity is key. The FPT Industrial CURSOR 9 provides the simplicity required with the aid of MYFPT remote monitoring, long service intervals and analogue controls. These are a few of the reasons we have chosen FPT Industrial engines as a standard for our Dando Infinity Rig Range.

Transitioning from one engine supplier to another isn’t always easy but we have managed to work with Hendy Power to build a relationship where they can understand our needs for reliable engines on short lead time. When we have required technical support and approval with the installation of engine, Hendy have been only too happy to visit our factory to support our team.”

Simon Hartley, Dando Drilling
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