Hendy Power is celebrating the success of Kohler and its Diesel of the Year win, Kohler’s third title in the last 10 years.

The new KSD 1403TCA engine is the latest recipient of the honour from DIESEL magazine, which has been one of the leading specialist magazines in the sector in Europe since 1986.

Hendy Power director Andy Smith said the award honours the most innovative diesel engine each year and said Kohler celebrated the achievement at its historic headquarters in Reggio Emilia.

The award-winning engine is part of the new KSD (Kohler Small Displacement) engine series, designed to adapt to all geographical areas, comply with all regulations worldwide, and be compatible with all types of machines.

The KSD series is the result of a totally market and customer-oriented approach.

Andy said the engines can be easily integrated with the increasingly complex electronic systems of industrial machines. It is advanced, as it allows different customisations for all work cycles, as well as offering data exchange with a reduced number of physical connections. It is versatile and adaptable to machines without need for modifications or redesigns.

The 1403TCA, which stands for Turbo Common Rail with Aftercooler, is one of three engines in the KSD range, which also includes the 1403 turbo common rail and the 1403 naturally aspirated.

This version boasts a peak torque of 120 Nm @ 1400 rpm, a displacement-to-torque ratio competitive with engines of the same displacement but with outputs between 30 and 42 kW that need aftertreatment systems. The sub-19 kW engine complies with current global emissions regulations: EU Stage V, US Tier 4 Final and, by the end of this year, also China Stage IV. Consumption is reduced by optimising engine speed and controlling the hydraulics. Service intervals are maximised and total cost of ownership is low, thanks to smart prognostic and diagnostic functions.