MyFPT remote engine monitoring

Benefits of the MyFTP Remote Engine Monitoring Solution

A popular app for Hendy Power FPT Industrial customers provides real-time information together with a wealth of dedicated engine data.

MyFPT has been designed to provide a fast and easy way to access a wide range of information from one app and features data, user manuals, service schedules and real-time information in an easy-to-use smartphone app.

It provides the operating status of the power unit in real time (such as the RPM, temperature, fuel consumption, etc) and lets you request assistance with a simple tap on the screen.

MyFPT offers two types of service: connected and not connected. The latter includes all engine data, such as technical and specific information on emissions, complete technical documentation with user and service manuals, and a section dedicated to replacement parts, detailing the most frequently replaced parts. From the non-connected services section, you can also contact the FPT Industrial customer centre to request assistance or information on the engine, as well as information about Hendy Power.

The services provided when connected, using a Bluetooth dongle connected to the engine diagnostics socket, enable the customer to monitor the operation and status of all registered FPT engines in real-time.

Hendy Power director Andy Smith says this app is already proving popular with customers who can view live data relative to engine RPM, operating temperature, fluid levels and fuel consumption.

“Any anomaly is immediately detected, and the relative codes are sent directly to the customer centre in order to reduce diagnostics times,” he said. “In fact, the customer can follow the correct procedure to get back to operation as quickly as possible, where necessary activating the assistance service.”

My FPT has been designed to enhance the already high levels of post-sales service to customers and is set to be particularly useful for fleet managers looking to monitor more than one engine at the same time.

It was designed and developed using the expertise of the CNH Industrial Digital Hub and MyFPT underwent extensive testing with end users, with extremely positive feedback.

MyFPT is free, but users must register to take advantage of the services and to have all their FPT Industrial engines constantly monitored. The Bluetooth dongle, required to access the connected services, is available for purchase through Hendy Power in the UK.

“Placing the customer at the heart of our business is our mantra as well as being the concept on which we based the development of the new app,” said Riccardo Rebora, marketing & customer care manager for FPT Industrial Aftermarket Solutions.”

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