New York City Ferry

Market Sector: Marine
Machine/Vessel: New York City Ferry
Application: Passenger Ferries
Featured Product(s): Baudouin 6M26.3 & 12M26.3 Marine Propulsion Engines
Owner/Operator: Hornblower
Builder/OEM: Baudouin
Designer: INCAT
Engine: 6M26.3 & 12M26.3
Engine monitoring: Baudouin Master Monitoring System
Power Range: 6M26.3- 750-815 HP
Power Range: 12M26.3- 1200 HP
Total Power: 6M26.3- 1630 HP
Total Power: 12M26.3- 2400 HP
Stage V and Stage V
Maintenance Hours: 6M26.3 – 12000 Hours
Maintenance Hours: 12M26.3 – 24000 Hours

Project Overview:

“The NYC Ferry service provides a new way to travel between waterfront communities throughout New York City. Launched in May 2017 , six routes span over 60 nautical miles of waterways, connecting Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. And the entire ferry network is powered by Baudouin marine propulsion engines.” “The NYC Ferry project has been a huge success. Originally expected to carry around 4.5 million passengers annually, in the first year of service the figure actually exceeded 9 million, double the original projection. To meet demand, Hornblower ordered new vessels, expanding the fleet and increasing the number of routes and piers. Baudouin engines are now fitted to a total of 27 Hornblower vessels, providing regular services on all of the routes.”

“Baudouin makes marine engines. They don’t make truck engines, they don’t make crane engines, and we needed a specialist” “Baudouin’s M26.3 engine line meets EPA Tier 3 emission standards, and is easily serviceable in the boats.”

Cameron Clark, VP Hornblower