FPT Industrial has reached a key milestone in the production of the Curso 13 NG engine with completion of the 10,000th unit at its Bourbon-Lancey facility in France

Hendy Power director Andy Smith said the milestone has been reached in just over three years and demonstrates the success of the natural gas engine with customers.

“This engine really does have powerful performance, advanced technology and the sustainability our customers are now looking for in an engine,” said Andy.

It is currently the most powerful 100% natural gas engine available in the on-road segment and the first purely NG engine specially developed for long-haul missions.

Andy said the Cursor 13 NG delivers power up to 460 hp @ 1,900 rpm and torque up to 2,000 Nm @ 1,100 rpm.

“The Cursor 13 NG runs on 100% Natural Gas and is an easy-to-use solution for end-users, as it can run on both CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas),” he said. “The biomethane solution is capable of reducing CO₂ emission levels to near zero.”

Thanks to stoichiometric combustion, the Cursor 13 NG complies with Euro VI Step C emission limits with a simple and easy-to-install three-way catalyst with no-EGR, no-SCR and no-DPF (regeneration free solution). The engine’s CO₂ emission level is significantly lower (-9%) compared to diesel and can reach near zero when using bio-methane. At the same time, Cursor 13 NG enables a 98% PM reduction and NOx emissions which are 48% lower when compared to Euro VI compliant diesel engines. In addition, natural gas engines decrease noise pollution with a smoother and quieter engine combustion cycle, significantly reducing vehicle noise pollution during operation to less than 71 dB.

The plant where the Cursor 13 NG is manufactured has been making Cursor range engines since 1998 and its current production includes C8, C9, C10, C11, C13 and C16 ranges for on-road, off-road, power generation and marine applications, with 77 technical types and over 5,700 options available.